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Spotlight Acting School is a performing arts schools for students ages 4 to 18.

The Spotlight Playhouse is proud to feature Braden Hatton in Black & Blue Friday

Braden Hatton
Braden Hatton

The Spotlight Playhouse is proud to feature Braden Hatton. Braden is a current student of the Spotlight Acting School and was recently seen in the school’s production of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, where he played the Caterpillar. A few times each year The Spotlight Players identify a particularly talented student from the acting school and invite him or her to join them in production.

Raising the student up to the next level not only challenges them to further hone their skills as a performer, but also gives them a taste of professionalism. The students are given no special allowances for keeping up with the production schedule and are expected to come prepared to work. Braden has risen to the challenge wonderfully and has become a commanding personality in this cast.

Black and Blue Friday is a delightful comedy about a hillbilly family that wants to surprise their oldest daughter, Ellie, for the holidays. On route to Ellie’s home the family decides to stop at a store to pick up some fancy paper plates for the meal. The day is Black Friday and the store happens to be a shopping Mall. Braden plays Bubba Plunket, a rambunctious boy that has quite the story to tell about his adventure in the mall, topped off with the mystery of the missing boot. You’ll never guess what happened or how.

Braden is enjoying his time with Players and will most certainly return to us again. We could continue to brag on him, but for now, we invite you for come see Braden’s performance for yourself Nov. 27 & 28 at 8:00pm or Nov. 29 at 2:00pm.

Black & Blue Friday opens on Black Friday

This hilarious comedy, Black & Blue Friday, plays Nov. 27-29 at the Spotlight Playhouse.
This hilarious comedy, Black & Blue Friday, plays Nov. 27-29 at the Spotlight Playhouse.

Black and Blue Friday – It’s the day after Thanksgiving, and all Ellie and her new husband, Jackson, want is to celebrate their first holiday season at home together. But their holiday peace and quiet quickly turns into holiday chaos when they are summoned to the security office at the local mall. Seems Ellie’s backwoods relatives were planning to surprise her with a visit, but first stopped at the store to pick up some paper goods. That’s when the trouble began. What they thought was a big-box store turned out to be a shopping mall full of frenzied Black Friday shoppers, and, of course, the hillbilly family ended up causing all sorts of trouble. As Ellie’s family unravels their hysterical stories — like Ellie’s brothers trying to take a ride on the fancy moving staircase only to find themselves sliding around on the ice rink and taking out Santa’s village — one simple truth is revealed. These country bumpkins might not know much about modern day living, but they sure do understand what the holiday season is about… and it ain’t shopping.

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