Berea Police Report October 10, 2012


Drug Arrests: On 10/08/2012 an Officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle on Jefferson Street. Officers had observed the vehicle in the area of America’s Best Value Inn and knew that the driver had an active arrest warrant.

The driver was arrested and a female passenger gave Officers consent to search her hotel room that they had just left. Inside the room Officers located a small amount of Crystal Methamphetamine, six and a half Hydrocodone Pills and several straws with drug residue.

Officers arrested 46 year old James Sturgill of Berea Ky and 36 year old Sandra Sturgill of Ravenna Ky.

They were both charged with the following:
-Possession of Controlled Substance 1st Methamphetamine
-Possesion of Controlled Substance 2nd
-Drug Paraphernalia Possession


Drug Arrest: On 10/04/2012 an Officer conducted a traffic stop on Silver Creek Drive. After speaking with the driver Officers obtained consent to search the vehicle. Inside the vehicle Officers located a cut straw and several Oxycodone pills.

Officers arrested 29 year old Jessica Cavezza of Carlisle Ky and 20 year old Hillary Combs of Berea Ky. Combs stated to Officers that she purchased the pills to sell them.

Cavezza was charged with Possession of Controlled Substance 1st and Drug Paraphernalia Possession.

Combs was charged with Trafficking Controlled Substance 1st over 10 Dosage Units and Drug Paraphernalia Possession.

Theft: On 10/06/2012 a resident in the 1000 Block of Highway 1016 reported that hunting eqipment items were stolen from his vehicle. Estimated Loss: $1,000.00


Shoplifting Arrest: On 10/08/2012 Officers were called to Walmart in reference to a shoplifter.

Store employees stated that they observed a female subject conceal several items inside a purse. She was detained by store employees when she attempted to leave the store without paying for the items. The total value of the items is $109.45. Store employees also stated that she had been caught stealing at another Walmart in August and was banned from Walmart property.

Officers arrested 29 year old Rebecca Rogers of Berea Ky and charged her with Theft By Unlawful Taking Shoplifting and Criminal Trespass 3rd.


Alcohol Intoxication Arrest: On 10/03/2012 Officers were called to the 200 Block of Kaye Street in reference to a disturbance.

Officers located one of the parties involved in an apartment building parking lot. The subject was very intoxicated and had a strong odor of alcohol.

Officers arrested 35 year old Jaime Caldwell of Richmond Ky and charged her with Alcohol Intoxication.

Criminal Mischief: On 10/07/2012 Officers were called to the 100 Block of Berenwood Drive in reference to property damage.

The victim stated that he was inside his residence and noticed that his vehicle was on fire around the driver side gas tank. He was able to put out the flames with a water hose before the Berea Fire Department arrived. The gas cap had been removed and was lying on the ground and a burnt rag was sticking out of the gas tank. There was damage to the driver side of the vehicle.


DUI Arrest: On 10/06/2012 an Officer conducted a traffic stop on Highway 595. The Officer noticed that the driver had constricted pupils and after a short investigation determined that the driver was under the influence.

The driver also told Officers that he had just snorted Percocet pill. Officers arrested 46 year old Everett Abney of Berea Ky and charged him with DUI 1st.

Burglary: On 10/01/2012 Officers were called to storage buildings in the 200 Block of North Dogwood Drive in reference to a theft. The victim stated that locks were cut from a storage building and items were taken from inside. Estimated Loss: $800.00.

Burglary: On 10/01/2012 a resident in the 1000 Block of Brooklyn Blvd reported a Burglary. The victim stated that his rear glass door was damaged and items were taken from his home. Estimated Loss: $400.00.

Burglary: On 10/03/2012 a victim in the 100 Block of Blythe Court reported a Burglary. The victim stated that there was no forced entry and several tools were taken. Estimated Loss: $735.00.

Assault: On 10/04/2012 Officers were called to St. Joseph Berea to speak with the victim of an assault. The victim stated that she was assaulted by an unknown female while on foot on North Broadway. The victim stated that after the assault, the offender apologized to her and told her she mistook her for someone else. The victim had only minor injuries.

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