Wanted by Berea Police


WANTED: Berea Police Department is needing help identifying these two subjects who were involved in a theft at Gamestop earlier this month. Games consoles and controllers were stolen that totaled just over $750.00. Employees stated that these two are possibly involved in thefts at other Gamestop locations between Berea and Lexington. If you recognize either if these people please contact us at 859-986-8456.

4 thoughts on “Wanted by Berea Police”

  1. Ricky Coleman, I would bet my life on it. Work with him at Amazon in Lexington and he lives with a wife named Christy I believe. He has a newborn baby girl and so many reasons to live a normal life. I can’t believe how this world is. I wish I knew the address for you. Ricky is on the left. They live off Harrodsburg road or I remember him saying that when they moved. Hopefully he will change for the better and step up to be a true father that can teach his daughter to live by the law. If he goes down for a long time then maybe his family can move an restart a better life. So so so much shock. Sad sad.

  2. Telling on Ricky might be the right thing to do, giving out all his families info was not! If your going to involve yourself, at least put your real name out there…

  3. Just like Tina I think that u shouldn’t hide behind an anonymous name! It may be Ricky in that video but no one knows if he physically stole anything so until the proof is out there I think people not involved need to leave his wife and kids out of this!!!!

  4. If the gamestop can see this or answer this question…. What i am curious about is why/how were they able? i go to gamestop in georgetown an lexington also worked in scott county gamestop, and the only thing you could steal there would be empty cases or boxes. the controllers an memory sticks an hardrives are on lock pegs.. you would have to yank or cut it off, both would be loud enough an cause a huge mess that a clerk would hear and or see. all the games are in drawers behind the counter, consols are in the back room, all of the smaller consol and hand-held games are locked in cabinets and cases that you cant get into.. they have outdated 25 cent game disk on the counter but thats right by the cash register.. they have gaming books, tee-shirts and little misc items out on the sales floor but even if you added all the small things it wouldnt equal no where near the amount taken… yeah people should not steal anything but honestly todays world full of drug use and thefts youd think a store such as this would have everything locked up, even more so because the size of this store, from the pic and videos ive seen its the biggest gamestop ive ever seen… also to first person, TT is right up there about the family, you could have just said Ricky Coleman and hit submit.. cops can find names without life stories.. besides… thats not his womans name along with wrong on the living location so thats a false claim your trying to state… and hey girl at the bottom… Dani’s your name? well umm that sounds beautiful… i think you should hit me up sometime…. you can come over and rest your head on my chest, cause i know you gotta be tired…. u have been runnin thru my mind all the live long day! woo! lol.

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